ESM (Empresa de Servicios Medioambientales)

ESM (Environmental Services Company) is a company of the GEStta group, dedicated to the cleaning and sanitation of all types of smoke extraction facilities, both in the hospitality sector and HORECA channel as well as in the industrial sector.

Our works are characterized by providing your facilities with a longer useful life and better operation, since the constant maintenance to which we submit them improves their performance immediately since their installation will be more effective and efficient, reducing costs and improving their benefits.

Services for the Horeca Channel

Cleaning of kitchen hoods and extraction systems

The accumulation of fats is the main cause of fires in professional kitchens. It is important to know that most insurances do not cover compensation or give compensation to those facilities that are not kept in optimal hygienic conditions. Said cleaning operations must be certified by an authorized company. 

Optimum cleaning increases the performance of the extraction system, prevents smoke, bad odors, improves the image of the establishment, improves its life, reduces its maintenance costs, in addition to saving energy, prevents food contamination and avoids the generation of fires caused by due to accumulated fat

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Services for the industry

Automotive, bar turning, stamping, screws, electrical, wind, railway, heat treatments, ironwork, household items, machining, valves

Our role in the industrial sector is based on offering customers solutions to their problems. These services are focused on any task related to the cleaning of any residue accumulated in the course of work activity. 

We deal with the dirt generated on a day-to-day basis in the workplace through comprehensive sanitation systems for the facility, which can be anything from smoke extraction ducts, extractor motors, any type of utensil, tank, parts